anufix standoffs and cover caps

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With anufix standoffs, you can mount your sign quickly and easily. This saves time and therefore money. The elegant look of the anufix systems emphasises the design and all this at an outstandingly favourable price.

1 anufix Montage Screw together spacer + sign + middle part = right angle between sign & standoffs
2 anufix Montage Screw the pre-assembled sign on the wall
3 anufix Montage Always right angle between standoffs and wall thanks to pre-assembly
4 anufix Montage Perfect mounting at right angles

Bohrungen korrigieren

Bohrlöcher gelingen nicht immer genau dort wo sie geplant sind. Bei 2-teiligen Systemen müssen die Distanzteile zuerst an die Wand geschraubt werden und sind dann eben genau dort wo das Bohrloch ist. Ist das Bohrloch zu weit von dem geplanten Punkt entfernt, passt das Schild dann nicht mehr auf die Distanzteile.

Die 3-teiligen anufix Abstandhalter bieten durch die Vormontage auch dafür eine Lösung. Wie das funktioniert sehen Sie in unserem Video.

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Easy mounting even on uneven walls

Conventional fastening systems use Allen screws for locking and are therefore awkward to install. anuma offers a much simpler and time-saving solution with the 3-part anufix spacers.

With the anufix system, you can pre-assemble your signs in your workshop with the standoffs. The spacer is simply screwed onto the centre part. The necessary tool? - Your hands!

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Allen screws are tiny and get lost easily. The fine threads do not give a firm hold and are quickly turned off. The mounting with hex wrenches is cumbersome and annoying due to the narrow distance to the wall.


anufix standoffs don't have Allen screws and can be easily installed with your bare hands.

3 parts provide more than 2

Conventional standoffs have only 2 parts. A head part and a spacer part. anufix standoffs consist of 3 parts: Head part, middle part and spacer.


The middle part and spacer are screwed to the sign before wall mounting. The pre-assembled sign is then simply attached to the wall. Finally, the head sections are screwed in - finished.

Always even – never askew again.

Signs often have to be mounted on uneven ground. With 2-part systems, the distances are always mounted on the wall first and then "sit" on the wall at different angles. This makes it more difficult to mount the sign and disturbs the appearance of the sign.


anufix standoffs are screwed to the sign before wall mounting and are therefore always at right angles to the sign and wall.